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easy-deployment comes with integration for apache/passenger. The default stage generator (e.g. for creating staging/uat/production configurations) will automatically provide a sample apache.conf config file, which may be used together with the optional apache integration features.

See also Common Passenger Config for example VirtualHost entries

Enabling usage of the features

to enable these features, include them in your deploy.rb file, and (if required), set the apachectl binary command (path) to use.

require "easy/deployment/apache"
set :apachectl_bin, "/usr/sbin/apachectl" # The deploy user should be able to sudo this command

This will enable the following commands:

cap <stage> apache:configure
cap <stage> apache:configure_and_reload

The configure command copies the relevant deploy/<stage>/apache.conf into place in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ and symlinks into sites-enabled.

configure_and_reload runs configure as well as apachectl configtest and apachectl graceful to test and reload the copied/updated virtual host.

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