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iOS SDK for Ableton Link, a new technology that synchronizes musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple applications running on one or more devices.
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iOS SDK for Ableton Link. An overview of Link concepts can be found at All iOS specific documentation, integration guidelines, and test plans can be found at

The LinkKit SDK is distributed as a zip file attached to a release in this repo. Please see the releases tab for the latest release. It is strongly recommended to build apps against an official release for final submission to the App Store. Official releases are those not marked "Pre-release".

By using LinkKit you agree to the terms and conditions of the Ableton Link SDK license.


It is strongly recommended to use the pre-built version of LinkKit. For debugging and accommodation of exceptional requirements, it is possible to build LinkKit as described below.

Custom builds of LinkKit depend on the cross-platform version of Link and are subject to this license. Please note that the GPL is not compatible with the iOS App Store.

Creating a Xcode project

To generate and open a Xcode Project, use make xcode link_dir=$PATH_TO_LINK_REPOSITORY. The Xcode Project will be located in the build directory.

Building a Release Bundle

Use make link_dir=$PATH_TO_LINK_REPOSITORY to generate a release bundle for all target platforms. The bundle can be found at build/output/

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