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Web tooling and visualization functions supporting the exploratory parsing of semi-structured text.
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Exploratory Parsing

Exploratory parsing is a way to discover structure within semi-structured data.


Build and install exploring version of peg/leg.

git clone git://
cd pegleg
sudo make install

Install dependencies.

gem install sinatra
gem install haml
gem install diffy

Download sample data.

sh scripts/

Launch the server.

ruby server.rb


Enter the following parser. Choose Factbook. Press Run.

char = letter | number | other-char
letter = << [a-zA-Z] >>
number = << [0-9] >>
other-char = << . >>

A new Run appears. Refresh the page to see it advance.

Click the Run number to see output. Click on counts to see sample matches.


Licensed under the MIT License.

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