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A gulp plugin that converts a html file into a ts file containing an object with html as string template.
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HTML template to TS

This gulp plugin converts a html file with into a ts file containing an object with string template.

Writing template inside a structured HTML file is much more practical than in a one line javascript string. Therefore this plugin turns a HTML file with templates into a js object. You can use whatever template language you like it simply turns the html nodes into a js string. It will take the html name file to named module and property html as string value.


An example usage with gulp:

var gulp        = require('gulp');
var html2ts = require('gulp-html-to-ts');

gulp.task('template', function() {
	return gulp.src('my/template.html')
  //.pipe(html2ts({ moduleName: '{$folderName}', propertyName: '{$fileName}Html'}))


This example shows how this plugin turn html into a ts file.

HTML Source : mytemplate.html

  <p>A {{ handlebar }} example.</p>

The generated output : mytemplate.html.ts

module mytemplate { export var html = '<p>A {{ handlebar }} example.</p>';}
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