Gradle plugin for Modding Minecraft and making non-base-edit mods with Forge and FML. This is the actual usage of the GMCP_scripts repo.
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Groovy Minecraft Coder Pack

GMCP is a gradle version of MCP that will setup a minecraft modding workspace, as well as build your mod for you.

###Current version: 0.7.3


  • 0.5 - Initial realease
  • 0.6 - attempt at updating for MC 1.6.2 BUGGED
  • 0.6.1 - attemp at fixing bugs with 0.6. BUGGED
  • 0.6.2 - stable release for 1.6.2
  • 0.7.2 - bug fixes for 0.6.2 (Bugged for Linux)
  • 0.7.3 - bug fixes for 0.7.2 (Bugged for Linux)

Feature map

  • 0.7 will be adding support for caching, and using a local central place for grabbing forge stuff. Will also include a proper obfuscation task similair to the signing task of the Signing plugin.
  • 0.8 will enable forge library support
  • 0.9 will sport generation, and being able to just use FML as opposed forge and FML
  • 1.0 will add the ability to use custom minecraft jars, and mod with just MCP without FML and forge

Feature wishlist

  • MCModInfo generation
  • mod dependencies
  • coremod dependency generation