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/* This file is (c) 2008-2012 Konstantin Isakov <>
* Part of GoldenDict. Licensed under GPLv3 or later, see the LICENSE file */
#include "btreeidx.hh"
#include <QFile>
/// Allows using a btree index to read zip files. Basically built on top of
/// the base dictionary infrastructure adapted for zips.
class IndexedZip: public BtreeIndexing::BtreeIndex
QFile zip;
bool zipIsOpen;
IndexedZip(): zipIsOpen( false )
/// Opens the index. The values are those previously returned by buildIndex().
using BtreeIndexing::BtreeIndex::openIndex;
/// Opens the zip file itself. Returns true if succeeded, false otherwise.
bool openZipFile( QString const & );
/// Returns true if the zip is open, false otherwise.
bool isOpen() const
{ return zipIsOpen; }
/// Checks whether the given file exists in the zip file or not.
/// Note that this function is thread-safe, since it does not access zip file.
bool hasFile( gd::wstring const & name );
/// Attempts loading the given file into the given vector. Returns true on
/// success, false otherwise.
bool loadFile( gd::wstring const & name, std::vector< char > & );
/// Index compressed files in zip file
bool indexFile( BtreeIndexing::IndexedWords &zipFileNames );
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