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Plain If for Nemerle

Nemerle is great, but I hate that it requires "when" instead of "if" every time you don't have an "else" block. (Why?)

Luckily, this is easily fixable in library, without hacking the compiler, thanks to Nemerle's awesomely powerful macro system. This library provides exactly that: The "if" statement's "else" block is now optional! No need for "when"!

If you're already using Nemerle macros, you can simply copy-paste the macro in plainIf.n into your own macro module.

Or, just grab this project, run ./build or build.bat to compile it, and reference the resulting plainIf.dll when using nemerle:

ncc -r plainIf.dll [...all your other args...]

See the included test.n for example usage (as if you don't know how to write a basic if statement without an else, silly coder).

This project is provided free and libre for all to use for any purpose. Public Domain is country-specific, frequently non-existent and therefore useless, so this is WTFPL, the next best thing.