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safeArg - ChangeLog

(Dates below are YYYY/MM/DD)

v0.9.7 - 2015/06/28

  • Fixed: Don't use a broken scriptlike release (v0.9.0), use v0.9.1 instead.

v0.9.6 - 2015/06/27

  • Enhancement: Add --verbose|-v to echo the generated command to stdout before running.

v0.9.5 - 2015/06/15

  • Fixed: Correctly pass-thru all options after program_to_run, instead of mistakenly trying to process them.
  • Fixed: Fix a build issue for dub projects with a dependency on safearg by updating minimum gen-package-version to v0.9.3.

v0.9.4 - 2015/06/14

  • Fixed: Build failure for projects depending on safeArg (gen-package-version was run from wrong directory).

v0.9.3 - 2015/06/14

  • Enhancement: Allow extra "initial-arguments" to be specified on the command line (ex: safearg echo -n < WHATEVER).
  • Enhancement: Add --post|-p for "post"-arguments to be added to the end of the command line.

v0.9.2 - 2015/06/14

  • Enhancement: Use --newline|-n to delimit with newlines (both \n and \r\n) instead of \0.
  • Enhancement: Use --delim=VALUE to use custom one-byte delimiter instead of \0.
  • Enhancement: Auto-generated version number shown in help screen, and via new --version flag.
  • Change: Cleaned up internal directory structure.
  • Change: Documentation improvements, including changelog and license files.

v0.9.1 - 2015/06/09

  • Minor documentation fixes.

v0.9.0 - 2015/06/09

  • Initial version.
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