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How to Use Scriptlike in Scripts

These examples can be found in the "examples" directory.

A Basic Script in D

Make sure you have DUB v1.0.0 or later installed, as well as a D compiler (DMD, LDC, or GDC). You can check your version of DUB by running dub --help. Then, using Scriptlike in a D script is easy:


#!/usr/bin/env dub
/+ dub.sdl:
	name "myscript"
	dependency "scriptlike" version="~>0.10.2"
import scriptlike;

void main(string[] args) {
	string name;
	if(args.length > 1)
		name = args[1];
		name = userInput!string("What's your name?");

	writeln("Hello, ", name, "!");

You don't even need to download or install Scriptlike! That will be done automatically by DUB, thanks to the dependency line in the special dub.sdl comment section. (Learn more about this feature of DUB, introduced in DUB v1.0.0.)

On Linux/OSX, you can then run that script just like any shell script:

$ chmod +x myscript.d
$ ./myscript.d Frank
Hello, Frank!

As long as you have a D compiler installed (DMD, LDC or GDC), that will cause DUB to automatically download/install all dependencies (in this case, just Scriptlike), recompile the script if necessary, and run it.

Or if you're on Windows (this will also work on Linux/OSX, too):

> dub myscript.d Frank
Hello, Frank!

NOTE: Due to an issue in DUB, if you use this single-file approach and you need to use thisExePath (or the Phobos equivalent), then you won't get the expected result. The thisExePath function will NOT return the path to the myscript.d script, it will simply return the temporary path where DUB stored the compiled binary. I'm not aware of any way to work around this while using DUB's single-file feature, so if your script needs to obtain its own path (remember, args[0] is famously unreliable for this in any language), then try one of the older approaches below.

In a DUB-based project

If your project uses DUB, just include the scriptlike as a dependency in your dub.json or dub.sdl file like this:


"dependencies": {
	"scriptlike": "~>0.10.2"


dependency "scriptlike" version="~>0.10.2"

And then import with one of these:

// Imports all of Scriptlike, plus anything from Phobos likely to
// be useful for scripts:
import scriptlike;

// Or import only Scriptlike and omit the automatic Phobos imports:
import scriptlike.only;

Run your project with dub like normal:

$ dub