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An R Partial Reimplementation of the WFDB Software Package.
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An R Reimplementation of the WFDB Software Package

An ad hoc partial reimplementation of the WFDB Software Package, allowing for importation of PhysioNet waveform data into R. This library is modeled after the WFDB Toolbox for Matlab, but reimplements rather than wraps the WFDB software package (for performance reasons). Development and testing was conducted using data from the MIMIC-III waveform database; this library should be compatible with all data therein, and is capable of parsing both single and multi-segment files, but full compliance with the PhysioNet data specification is not guaranteed.

Implemented Features

  • wfdbdesc reads signal specifications from WFDB header files.
  • rdsamp reads signal data from WFDB signal files. Supported formats: 16, 80
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