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Changes all over these here parts. This is the edition of the game th…

…at was used during the DEFCON 19 Schemaverse Tournament, including bug fixes that occured on the fly
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+# 2011 08 24
+create_schemaverse.sql - v0.11 - The DC19 Tournament Edition - v0.9 - v0.2
+Rule Alterations and Balancing
+-Changed Pricing to try and make upgrading a better option
+-Destroyed ships no longer return the value of the initial ship to the players player.balance (changed in the destroy_ship() trigger)
+--A new function will need to be created called ~'reset' that puts a player back to the starting game values, destroys all ships, etc.
+-Queries only get 1 minute of run time if they are ran outside of the script system, down from 2 minutes (change made in
+-Fleets that run over their limit are automatically set to disabled (change made in
+Bug Fixes
+-SQL Injections all over these here parts
+-Added NOT NULL to player.balance and player.fuel_reserve
+-Fixed player_creation trigger issue where new players were not assigned a planet
+-Can no longer charge a negative quantity for free money added to player.balance
+-Fixed a ship.last_living_tic bug that would set a ship to destroyed if it's health was diminished to zero during the same tic the ship was created on
+-my_ships.speed and my_ships.direction are no longer directly updatable because it does not calculate fuel costs when using this method. MOVE() must be used to alter these values
+-Can no longer create ships where attack, defense, engineering and prospecting are given as values less than zero. This is to resolve one of the top game hacks discovered at DC19.
+-Move fixes, mostly involving when you give a speed and direction but no destination x,y. This function isn't perfect but it is getting there. The suggestions I received recently will definitely be put to use in the near future to further develop this function.
+-Fixed round control to start a new round even if it misses the day mark it should have started on
+-Dead ships no longer try to move
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What is Schemaverse?
-Inspired by mySQLgame and my own mild obsession with databases, this is a multiplayer
-space game which you play through close interaction with the database.
-Control your fleet manually or write AI so they control themselves. Play by writing
-SQL queries in your favourite client or write your own interface.
+The Schemaverse is a space-based strategy game implemented entirely within a PostgreSQL database.
+Compete against other players using raw SQL commands to command your fleet. Or, if your
+PL/pgSQL-foo is strong, wield it to write AI and have your fleet command itself!
-I just wanted to see if I could actually pull it off...
+Originally, I just wanted to see if I could actually pull it off. Now that I know I can,
+I am developing the game further to make it actually fun and challenging to compete within.
+Quite a bit of effort will also be put into making this project fit to be used as a teaching
+aid for all levels of database lessons. If you would like to help with this please contact me :)
-Schemaverse was tested on Postgres 8.4. For the most, the game is working but I am
+Schemaverse was tested on Postgres 9.0. For the most, the game is working but I am
still testing some functions. I have put it online so that others can help me test it
more thoroughly.
@@ -32,6 +34,6 @@ already have a user named this in your installation this will cuase problems.
Once the game hits a stable release I will write a script to allow for more custom installations.
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