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The Schemaverse is a space-based strategy game implemented entirely within a PostgreSQL database. Compete against other players using raw SQL commands to command your fleet. Or, if your PL/pgSQL-foo is strong, wield it to write AI and have your fleet command itself!
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What is Schemaverse?
A multiplayer game played entirely through interaction with the database. 

I just wanted to see if I could actually pull it off...

Schemaverse was tested on Postgres 8.3. For the most, the game is working but I am 
still testing some functions. I have put it online so that others can help me test it 
more thoroughly.

Yes, a lot of my queries are a bit ugly at this point. Optimization will come after 
the game is working. 


I created this game to learn more about security in postgres. This means that this game, 
in it's beta state, is probably extremely insecure. DON'T RUN THIS ON SOMETHING IMPORTANT.  

I really suggest you create a user named schemaverse which should have most rights over 
the schemaverse database. If you choose to use a different username you will need to 
change some spots of the create script which reference this user.

Each player has their own postgres user account. Keep this in mind so you don't 
accidently allow a user to take over high privileged accounts. 

The create script will also create a group called players automatically. Obviously, if you 
already have a user named this in your installation this will cuase problems. 

Once the game hits a stable release I will write a script to allow for more custom installations.


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