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Welcome to ARBOL NEGRO Open Source Project -

Over the years I've created a huge amount of code for as3,
wich has been very helpfull for many web oriented projects, 
and now for AIR apps.

My biggest concern at the time I created this code was that
someone or something (Corporation or Company) would like to
take credit from it, for prevent this I decided to publish 
the code with a License (GNU General Public License) that way
I can use it, and the companies can use it too, but keeping
my credits as the creator of this code.

	- Sebastián Sanabria Díaz, Costa Rica
The project was previously hosted here (v0.2)

- Installation

Copy from the root directory (net/) and paste it into your project directory;
or keep in a common folder and point the Global Classpath to
the parent directory containing the net/ folder.

- Dependencies

The classes can be used with Adobe Flash and Flex

For Flex some classes need as a dependency the flash.swc file and fl_package.swc 
on your lib directory, some calls to Tween classes create this dependency;
those files can be found on your Adobe Flash installation directory.


Keep in mind that a new commint may bring a lot of changes or important changes,
so be faithful to your current download. But if you update the package more often,
then the changes will be minimum.

- Meaning of Arbol Negro

A few years ago I wrote a short story called "Camino al Arbol Negro" which translates to
"Road to the Black Tree". The concept of a code with HUGE and multiple brances has kept in  my
head as image to the project logo.