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Welcome to BLUE MARBEL Open Source Framework

Im not a big fan of the Flex Framework, so I created my custom GUI for
creating AIR apps for Android and iOS.

The idea was based on the concept from Flixl and the Flex components
that use "states" or "windows" and then you put your content. My main
problem with Flex is that if you are a full as3 coder, you have not
as much as freedom, so I provide Windows, and navigation controls, and
a few components, but the rest is up to you, so you can use your custom code
to load anything you want, from images, swfs, text... anything as you do 
on any other as3 project.

	- Sebastián Sanabria Díaz, Costa Rica

- Installation

Copy from the root directory (net/) and paste it into your project directory;
or keep in a common folder and point the Global Classpath to
the parent directory containing the net/ folder.

- Use

As soon as I can I'll provide a full project as an example, there are some things you need to keep in mind
at the time you built a project with Blue Marble that you need to know.

Live examples can be found at the Google Play Store:

- Dependencies

This project requires the ArbolNegro Open Source Project to work (
- Roadmap

(v1.0)This is an early stage of BlueMarble, it is fully functional, but not as I would like to.

I want more components, more control over the ActionBar and TabBar, few tweeks on the Window system,
an input textfield (there is a native input textfield provided by Adobe)


Keep in mind that a new commint may bring a lot of changes or important changes,
so be faithful to your current download. But if you update the package more often,
then the changes will be minimum.

- Meaning of Blue Marble

The original color of the GUI was Blue, then it changed (thanks to user feedback) to a greenish like blue,
but this colors can be changed if you need different.