Run Minecraft SkyBlock on Spigot with Skript
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Run Minecraft SkyBlock with Skript

SKYBLOCK.SK adds a extensive and highly customizable SkyBlock Gamemode into your server using Skript with only a small amount of dependencies. Feel free to use SKYBLOCK.SK on your server and change it as you like, enhancements can be introduced by a pull request.



SKYBLOCK.SK allows server operators to open the files plain in any editor of their choice, like Notepad++ and saving it directly into the server folder. Then reload the server and it can be used. Thanks to the simplicity of Skript, server operators can use pseudocode like code, which is very easy to read and to change without getting in contact with Java. Skript is well documented, free and accessible to everyone who can read and write.

Demo servers

If you're running SKYBLOCK.SK, feel free to create a issue to get your server displayed here.


  • Add new addons which improve the game
  • Add multible languages to the project
  • Create a documentation for server operators
    • Also include all variables which can be used by the server operator
  • Add a logo for the project
  • Final Testing and bugfixing
  • Publish the Skript to and maintain/update it for future versions of minecraft