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@AcK77 AcK77 released this May 28, 2017



  • Fix bug of AmiiBombuino check on busy COM port. (Thanks dtomcat)
  • Detect when Tag is not compatible. (Suggest by YozenPL #1 )
  • Add a forget message when delete cache files is done.
  • Change way to detect if *.bin file is encrypted.


  • Increase AmiiBombuino RxGain to read Boxed Amiibo. (Thanks StandardBus)
  • Add folders browsing inside the Bin Folder. (Suggest by donator TerryG)
  • Add ability to search Amiibo files. (Suggest by Zarklord)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts added. (Suggest by YozenPL)
  • Add Donators to the About windows.


  • Add Spoof UID of *.bin file (For N2/PowerTag).
  • Add Support AmiiboAPI to get Amiibo informations. (Thanks N3evin - AmiiboAPI owner)
  • Add Twilight Princess Wolf AppData Editor.
  • Add Support of PowerSaves for Dump (Thanks ConsoleX for donate PowerSaves/PowerTag)


  • Russian translation added. (Thanks Chrushev)
  • Netherlands translation added. (Thanks DjoeN)
Assets 3

@AcK77 AcK77 released this May 10, 2017


  • Fix an UI bug when main windows was minimize (Thanks dtomcat).
  • Fix bugs inside Password and Long UID calculations (Thanks dtomcat and StandardBus).
  • Temp Fix SerialPortStream bug with certains Arduino (Thanks Gizmo).
  • Translation files are now added dynamically.
  • Check necessary files presence on startup.
  • XLoader now added directly in the menu.
  • Add check if AmiiBombuino is installed or not when COM Port is selected.
  • Add Timeout of 3000ms in Serial Response.
  • German translation added (Thanks aut0mat3d).
  • Swedish translation added (Thanks Gizmo).
  • Italian translation added (Thanks StandardBus).


Assets 2