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Version 1.38.3

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@jstone-lucasfilm jstone-lucasfilm released this 14 Dec 17:11
· 600 commits to main since this release


  • Added an inheritance structure for versions of Autodesk Standard Surface.
  • Added versioning and customization support to MaterialX namespaces in C++.
  • Added preprocessor definitions for the API version to MaterialXCore.
  • Added color transform methods to the Image class.
  • Added an initial ClangFormat file for the MaterialX codebase.
  • Added initial support for FreeBSD.
  • Added support for Xcode 13.


  • Refactored BSDF handling in shader generation, allowing for more flexible and efficient vertical layering.
  • Optimized GLSL implementations for GGX specular, moving common computations to tangent space.
  • Refactored the TextureBaker API for clarity and flexibility.
  • Merged the ViewHandler and viewer camera into a new Camera class in MaterialXRender.
  • Updated CMake configuration generation logic, adding handling for shared library builds.
  • Updated the PyBind11 library to version 2.7.1


  • Fixed a performance regression in MaterialXView for multi-UDIM assets.
  • Fixed a bug that caused shader inputs to be skipped in createUIPropertyGroups.
  • Fixed the value of transmission roughness in UsdPreviewSurface.
  • Fixed Vulkan compatibility for generated GLSL code.