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Security: AcademySoftwareFoundation/OpenShadingLanguage

Security Policy

Supported Versions

This gives guidance about which branches are supported with patches to security vulnerabilities.

Version / branch Supported
main ✅ 🚧 ALL fixes immediately, but this is a branch under development with a frequently unstable ABI and occasionally unstable API.
1.12.x ✅ All fixes that can be backported without breaking ABI compatibility. New tagged releases monthly.
1.11.x ⚠️ Only the most critical fixes, only if they can be easily backported.
<= 1.10.x ❌ No longer receiving patches of any kind.

Reporting a Vulnerability

If you think you've found a potential vulnerability in OSL, please report it by emailing the project administrators at Only the project administrators have access to these messages. Include detailed steps to reproduce the issue, and any other information that could aid an investigation. Our policy is to respond to vulnerability reports within 14 days.

Our policy is to address critical security vulnerabilities rapidly and post patches as quickly as possible.

There aren’t any published security advisories