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The role of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) is to facilitate communication and collaboration among the Technical Projects. The TAC will be responsible for:

  •  Coordinating collaboration among Technical Projects, including development of an overall technical vision for the community;
  •  Making recommendations to the Budget Committee of resource priorities for Technical Projects;
  •  Electing annually a chairperson to preside over meetings, set the agenda for meetings, ensure meeting minutes are taken and who will also serve on the Governing Board as the TAC’s representative (the “TAC Representative”); and
  •  Such other matters related to the technical role of the TAC as may be communicated to the TAC by the Governing Board.

TAC Members

All members of the broad ASWF community are welcome to participate in TAC activities, such as meetings or online discussion. For voting matters such as project inclusion or graduation, TAC members are composed of:

  • One representative appointed by each Premier Member;
  • One representative appointed by the technical oversight body (e.g., a technical steering committee) of each TAC Project; and
  • Up to three experts from the broader motion picture industry (who serve for one-year terms)

Current TAC Members are:

Representative Title Organization
Daniel Heckenberg - Chairperson R & D Animal Logic Pty Ltd
Gordon Bradley Senior Software Architect Autodesk
Mark McGuire Head of Production Technology Blue Sky Studios, Inc.
Michael O’Gorman Distinguished Engineer Cisco Systems Inc.
Henry Vera Head of Production Technology Double Negative
Bill Ballew VP Research and Development DreamWorks Animation
Matt Kuhlenschmidt Lead Tools Programmer Epic Games, Inc.
Brian Cipriano Software Engineer Google
Jim Jeffers Sr. Principal Engineer, Sr. Director, Visualization Solutions in DCG Digital Transformation Intel Corporation
Larry Gritz Software Engineering Architect Sony Pictures Imageworks
Jean-Francois Panisset Industry Representative VES Technology Committee
Cory Omand Supervising Lead Software Engineer The Walt Disney Studios
Kimball Thurston Senior Imaging Researcher Weta Digital Limited
Ken Museth OpenVDB Representative
Michael Dolan OpenColorIO Representative

Current Technical Projects

Technical Projects are approved by TAC Members per the ASWF Project Lifecycle guidelines. You can submit your project for inclusion as an ASWF Technical Project by completing the Project Contribution Proposal Template and emailing it to

Current Technical Projects are listed below.




Current Working Groups

Working groups may be formed by the TAC to focus on specific areas of technical interest or need within the ASWF. They report to the TAC which remains responsible for any formal decisions or voting matters.



Join the conversation

You can follow the TAC discussions by signing up for the TAC email list. You can also review past meeting notes.

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