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A focus-oriented theme with soft colours and subtle animations for Atom
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Quietude Syntax

Quietude is a syntax theme with soft yet contrasted colours and subtle animations, providing a distraction-free environment perfect for focus and thoughtfulness.


Quietude is based on One Dark Syntax and is meant to be paired with One Dark UI.

It has been fully adapted to support all the same languages as One Dark and the syntax has been revamped for easier customisation. Testing was done primarily on HTML, CSS (and pre-processors), PHP, JavaScript and C#.

quietude-syntax html quietude-syntax php quietude-syntax js quietude-syntax css

The font used in the screenshots is mononoki (which I highly recommend). The code itself is freely adapted from Atom's homepage, the WordPress loop and the jQuery source.


Install directly from Atom. Open Settings > Install, select Themes on the right and type quietude-syntax. Once downloaded, the theme will be available in Settings > Themes in the Syntax Themes dropdown menu.


Feel free to reach out on twitter for any issue, or just to let me know what you think. I appreciate it!

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