A Slack bot to look up record status in an Accela system.
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Accela Record Status Bot

A Slack bot to lookup the status of a permit.

Built using Botkit and the Accela Construct Node.js module.


  • Clone this repo.
  • Install dependencies: ~$ npm install
  • Make a bot integration inside of your Slack channel. Go here - https://my.slack.com/services/new/bot (replace my with the name of your Slack).
  • Enter a name for your Slack bot.
  • When you click "Add Bot Integration", you are taken to a page where you can add additional details about your bot, like an avatar, as well as customize its name & description (copy the API token that Slack gives you).
  • Run this app using the token you just copied and supplying Accela app credentials (You can set up an Accela app for your bot here)
~$ token={your-slack-token} app_id={your-accela-appid} app_secret={your-accela-app-secret} node index.js 
  • Once your app is started, you'll need to invite into a channel in your slack. Type: /invite @<my bot> to invite your bot into a channel.

Other start up otions:

  • agency={name of the agency} (default is Islandton)
  • environment={name of the accela environment} (defualt is TEST)


// Say hello to your bot
@<my bot> hello
// Ask for instructions
@<my bot> help
// Get status of a record
@<my bot> status 15CAP-00000-008E8