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This package provides a simplified abstract structure tree (AST) for Accelerate's internal language. It uses fewer features of the Haskel type system than the full AST. This should make it easier to understand and easier to use (especially for less experienced Haskell programmers). However, be aware that the simplicity comes at a price, and that price is to have fewer static guarantees about the correctness of your backend code — i.e., some mistakes will not be caught by the type-checker at backend compile time, but will instead manifest as exceptions at user-code runtime (as Accelerate is a runtime compiler). Nevertheless, even if you plan on eventually using the full AST, the simplified AST may be a great place to get started.

For details on Accelerate, refer to the main repository.


Actually this package provides more than one intermediate language spanning between the abstract, purely function Accelerate language, and a concrete CUDA/OpenCL-like language.

Further, this package includes a number of compiler passes that lower between representations and perform optimizations. Accelerate backends that are built with this "kit" can only a prefix of these compiler passes and stop where they like to have their own backend take over.

What follows is a brief description of the three main IRs provided by this package. For more documentation, refer to the Haddocks of the relevant modules.

Intermediate Language 1: Simplified Accelerate


Intermediate Language 2: C-like for easier code emission


Intermediate Language 3: GPU IR resembling OpenCL or CUDA