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+Developer Notes
+If you like to hack Accelerate, and especially if you like to contribute changes back, please fork
+and send pull request with your changes. In your pull request, please describe the testing that you have performed.
+In general, testing should involve both the interpreter and the CUDA backend (if you have got access to CUDA compatible hardware). A fairly comprehensive set of tests is available in the `accelerate-examples` directory. This directory contains its own Cabal-based build system. If you built Accelerate without the CUDA backend, you need to configure `accelerate-examples` with the additional option `-f-cuda` to disable testing of the CUDA backend.
+New backends
+If you are considering writing a new backend, you can do so in a separate, standalone package. The Accelerate frontend is entirely independent of any backend and package `accelerate` exports all the internals necessary to implement a backend. If you run into any problems, please contact Manuel M T Chakravarty <>.

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