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2 parents dde19fa + 3b46e0c commit 8ff7a717ed7517aa700dd46fafdc3f05f627fb8b @rrnewton rrnewton committed May 30, 2012
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  1. +21 −5 Data/Array/Accelerate/Array/Sugar.hs
26 Data/Array/Accelerate/Array/Sugar.hs
@@ -52,26 +52,42 @@ import qualified Data.Array.Accelerate.Array.Representation as Repr
-- Surface types representing array indices and slices
-- ---------------------------------------------------
--- |Array indices are snoc type lists.
--- For example, the type of a rank-2 array index is @Z :.Int :. Int@.
+-- |Array indices are snoc type lists. That is, they're backwards --
+-- the end-of-list token, `Z`, occurs first. For example, the type of a
+-- rank-2 array index is @Z :. Int :. Int@.
+-- In Accelerate the rightmost dimension is the /fastest varying/ or innermost.
-- |Rank-0 index
data Z = Z
deriving (Typeable, Show, Eq)
--- |Increase an index rank by one dimension
+-- |Increase an index rank by one dimension. The `:.` operator is
+-- used to construct both values and types.
infixl 3 :.
data tail :. head = tail :. head
deriving (Typeable, Show, Eq)
--- |Marker for entire dimensions in slice descriptors
+-- |Marker for entire dimensions in slice descriptors.
+-- For example, when used in slices passed to `replicate`, the
+-- occurrences of `All` indicate the dimensions into which the array's
+-- existing extent will be placed, rather than the new dimensions
+-- introduced by replication.
data All = All
deriving (Typeable, Show, Eq)
--- |Marker for arbitrary shapes in slice descriptors
+-- |Marker for arbitrary shapes (including an unknown number of dimensions) in slice descriptors.
+-- `Any` can be used in the leftmost position of a `:.` chain instead
+-- of `Z`. For example, in the following definition `Any` is used to
+-- match against whatever shape the type variable `sh` takes:
+-- > repN :: (Shape sh, Elt e) => Int -> Acc (Array sh e) -> Acc (Array (sh:.Int) e)
+-- > repN n a = replicate (constant$ Any :. n) a
data Any sh = Any
deriving (Typeable, Show, Eq)

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