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Request access to Optane powered bare metal infrastructure for performance-testing and analysis purposes
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Accelerate With Optane Community Lab

Request access to Intel Optane SSD-powered bare metal infrastructure for performance testing, optimization, and analysis purposes.

The Accelerate With Optane team provides free access to state-of-the-art Intel servers with Intel Optane ultra-high-speed SSDs for open source developers working to get the most performance in terms of IO from their software. We currently provide access to the Intel Optane SSDs as block storage devices, and community lab users can also test up to 1.4TB of software-defined memory on a single server with Intel Memory Drive Technology (IMDT) enabled.

The Accelerate With Optane Community Lab is managed by New York City-based Packet, a leading bare metal cloud provider, as part of its commitment to making it easier for online innovators to succeed with infrastructure that pushes the envelope of performance and value for their users. Funding for the systems is provided by Intel. The resources are primarily located in Packet's EWR1 (New York City area) data center.

Apply to use the Accelerate With Optane Community Lab by creating an issue in this repository. Contact (Avi Deitcher, Accelerate With Optane program manager) for any questions.

Request access and then get started!

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