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The KM_centroids_kernel_accel IP is used for the training of KMeans applications. It is produced with SDSoC 2016.2 version.

The code provided in this folder is a C-based implementation of 'Partial Centroids Calculation (counts, sums)' for KMeans Training, optimized for ZC702 board, and is a case study of FPGA-Accelerated Machine Learning in Cloud Computing.

Testing KMeans kernel in Software (Intel)

  1. Compiling
    1. Run make. (-O3 optimizations)
  2. Execution
    1. Edit conf. (optional)
      1. 'chunkSize' is the size of the data chunk (max: 5000).
    2. Run ./KMeans.

Testing KMeans kernel in Hardware

The C++ source files are provided here without project files, but they contain HLS/SDS directives specific to Xilinx SDSoC.

!The code of the hardware function is not fully annotated and contains only interface directives.!

If you want to create a SDSoC project using these sources you may find the following instructions helpful:

  1. Launch SDSoC and create a new empty project. Choose zc702 as target platform.
  2. Add the C++ sources in src/ and set KM_centroids_kernel_accel as hardware function. Set clock frequency at 142.86 MHz.
  3. All design parameters are set in the file src/accelerator.h.
  4. Select Generate Bitstream and Generate SD Card Image.
  5. Run SDRelease.

Performance (KM_centroids_kernel, 5000 chunkSize)

Speedup (vs Intel) 4.05
SW-only ARM Cortex-A9 @ 666.67MHz (Measured time) 1757 msec
SW-only Intel Core i5-5200U @ 2.20GHz (Measured time) 231 msec
HW accelerated (Estimated time) 58 msec
HW accelerated (Measured time) 57 msec

Resource utilization estimates for hardware accelerator

Resource Used Total % Utilization
DSP 142 220 64.55
BRAM 86 140 61.43
LUT 44024 53200 82.75
FF 44966 106400 42.26


For any question or discussion, please contact the authors:

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