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A common lisp library that provides an interface for charging creditcards. Supports as a processor.

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Table of Contents


CL-CreditCard is a common lisp library providing a common interface to charge creditcards.


CL-Authorize-net is a common lisp library for payment processing via It implements the CL-Creditcard interface.

CL-Authorize-net is production ready and is in use.


(require :cl-authorize-net)
(defvar *auth-net* (make-instance 'cl-authorize-net:authorize-processor 
				  :login "YOUR LOGIN" 
				  :trankey "YOUR TRANKEY" 
				  :test-mode :full))
(cl-authorize-net:sale *auth-data*
		       (make-instance 'cl-authorize-net:authorize-data
				      :account "4222222222222" :expdate "06/11"
				      :first-name "Test")


  • authorize-processor
  • authorize-data - holds information relevant to making credit-card charges
  • echeck-data - holds information relevant to making ACH / echeck charges


All operations are based around a authorize-processor instance.

  • (authorize processor data amount)
Do a pre-authorization without capture returning a transaction identifier that can later be used with preauth-capture.

Not valid with echeck-data.

  • (preauth-capture processor transaction-id &key amount)
Capture a charge that was previously authorized with authorize. Some processors allow capturing a different amount than was originally authorized.

Not valid with echeck-data.

  • (sale processor data amount)
Do a one time charge on a credit card for an amount using the given processor. Other provided keys are up to the processor to interpret or ignore.

Returns the transaction's unique identifier if successful.

  • (void processor transaction-id)
Void a previous transaction.


CL-Monetra is a common lisp library for payment processing via CL-Monetra. It implements the CL-Creditcard interface

CAUTION: This processor was in development and then abandoned. See code in the monetra-dev branch if you want to use monetra

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