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(defpackage :cl-csv-test.speed-tests
(:use :cl :cl-user :cl-csv :lisp-unit2 :iter))
(in-package :cl-csv-test.speed-tests)
(defun run-speed-tests ()
:package :cl-csv-test.speed-tests
:name :cl-csv-speed-tests
:run-contexts #'lisp-unit2:with-summary-context))
(defun log-time (&optional (time (get-universal-time)) stream)
"returns a date as ${mon}/${d}/${y} ${h}:${min}:{s}, defaults to get-universal-time"
(multiple-value-bind ( s min h )
(decode-universal-time time)
(format stream "~2,'0d:~2,'0d:~2,'0d " h min s)))
(defun test-log (message &rest args)
(format *standard-output* "~&")
(log-time (get-universal-time) *standard-output*)
(apply #'format *standard-output* message args)
(format *standard-output* "~%"))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defmacro log-around ((log-name message &rest args) &body body)
"Logs the beginning and end of a body. ARGS are evaluated twice"
(let ((gmessage (gensym "GMESSAGE-")))
`(let ((,gmessage ,message))
(flet ((msg (&optional tag)
(format nil "~A ~a"
tag ,gmessage)))
(,log-name (msg "BEGIN") ,@args)
(progn ,@body)
(,log-name (msg " END") ,@args))))))
(defmacro time-and-log-around ((log-name message &rest args) &body body)
"Logs the beginning and end of a body. ARGS are evaluated twice"
(let ((trace-output (gensym "TRACE-OUTPUT-")))
`(let (,trace-output) ;;leave nil so the first log call doesn't print an extra newline
(log-around (,log-name ,(concatenate 'string message "~@[~%~a~]") ,@args ,trace-output)
(setf ,trace-output
(make-array 10 :element-type 'character :adjustable T :fill-pointer 0))
(with-output-to-string (*trace-output* ,trace-output)
(time (progn ,@body))))))))
(defparameter +test-big-file+
(asdf:system-relative-pathname :cl-csv "tests/long-test.csv"))
(define-test write-big-file ()
(let ((n 120000))
(time-and-log-around (test-log "write large file test")
(with-open-file (s +test-big-file+ :direction :output :if-exists :supersede )
(iter (for i from 0 to n)
(write-csv-row '("Russ" "Tyndall" "Software Developer's, \"Position\""
"26.2" "1" "further columns" "even" "more" "data")
:stream s))))))
(define-test count-big-file-csv-rows ()
(let ((cnt 0))
(time-and-log-around (test-log "read large file test")
(read-csv +test-big-file+
:row-fn (lambda (r) (declare (ignore r))
(incf cnt))
(define-test read-by-line-and-buffer (:tags '(cl-csv-test::read-until))
(let ((cnt 0) (cnt2 0) (cnt3 0))
(time-and-log-around (test-log "read large file by lines")
(let ( line)
(cl-csv::with-csv-input-stream (s +test-big-file+ )
(loop while (setf line (read-line s))
do (incf cnt))
(end-of-file (c) (declare (ignore c)))))))
(time-and-log-around (test-log "read large file by buffer")
(cl-csv::with-csv-input-stream (s +test-big-file+ )
(with buffer = (make-array 80 :element-type 'character ))
(with fill)
(handler-case (setf fill (read-sequence buffer s))
(end-of-file () (finish)))
(incf cnt2)
(while (= 80 fill))
(time-and-log-around (test-log "read large file by read-into-buffer-until")
(cl-csv::with-csv-input-stream (s +test-big-file+ )
(let ((buffer (make-string cl-csv::*buffer-size*)))
while (plusp (cl-csv::read-into-buffer-until buffer s))
do (incf cnt3))
(end-of-file (c) (declare (ignore c)))))))
(format lisp-unit2:*test-stream*
"~@:_ lines:~D , buffers:~D, buffered-lines:~D~@:_"
cnt cnt2 cnt3)))
(define-test collect-big-file-csv-rows ()
(time-and-log-around (test-log "read large file test")
(read-csv +test-big-file+))
nil ; so we dont print 10m to the repl
(defun process-csv2 (csv-name process-function )
(let ( collector )
(labels ((row-processor (row)
(let ((result (funcall process-function row)))
(when result
(push result collector)))))
(cl-csv:read-csv csv-name :row-fn #'row-processor)
(defun return-blanks2 (filename)
(labels ((row-checker (row &aux (6th (sixth row)) )
(if (string-equal 6th "")
(list (first row) (sixth row)))))
(process-csv2 filename #'row-checker)))
(defun test-pnathan-code2 ()
(time-and-log-around (test-log "test-pnathan2 read")
(return-blanks2 +test-big-file+)))
;; (test-pnathan-code)
;; 15:57:18 BEGIN test-pnathan read
;; 15:57:21 END test-pnathan read
;; Evaluation took:
;; 3.480 seconds of real time
;; 3.390000 seconds of total run time (3.200000 user, 0.190000 system)
;; [ Run times consist of 0.170 seconds GC time, and 3.220 seconds non-GC time. ]
;; 97.41% CPU
;; 8,678,145,157 processor cycles
;; 229,327,728 bytes consed