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(defpackage :clsql-orm-pg-example
(:use :cl :cl-user))
(in-package :clsql-orm-pg-example)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defclass pg-db-class (CLSQL-SYS::STANDARD-DB-CLASS)
(defclass pg-db-obj (CLSQL-SYS::STANDARD-DB-OBJECT)
(:METACLASS pg-db-class)))
(defmethod generate-view-classes ()
`("host" "database" "user" "password")
:pool nil
:database-type :postgresql-socket
:if-exists :warn-new)
;; generate classes from the trac database into the current package
;; These symbols will not automatically be
;; in the public schema
:schema "public"
;; for each of these table names
:classes '(ticket ticket_change recent_ticket_changes recent_wiki_changes)
:metaclass 'pg-db-class
:inherits-from '(pg-db-obj))