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%option case-insensitive
h [0-9a-f]
nmstart [a-z]
nmchar [a-z0-9-]
nl \n|\r\n|\r|\f
string1 \"([\t !#$%&(-~]|\\{nl}|\')*\"
string2 \'([\t !#$%&(-~]|\\{nl}|\")*\'
ident [-]?{nmstart}{nmchar}*
name {nmchar}+
int [0-9]+
num [0-9]+|[0-9]*\.[0-9]+
string {string1}|{string2}
url ([!#$%&*-~])*
w [ \t\r\n\f]*
range \?{1,6}|{h}(\?{0,5}|{h}(\?{0,4}|{h}(\?{0,3}|{h}(\?{0,2}|{h}(\??|{h})))))
[\s\f]+ {return S;}
\/\*[^*]*\*+([^/][^*]*\*+)*\/ /* ignore comments */
"<!--" {return CDO;}
"-->" {return CDC;}
"~=" {return INCLUDES;}
"|=" {return DASHMATCH;}
"$=" {return ENDS_WITH;}
"^=" {return BEGINS_WITH;}
"*=" {return SUBSTRING;}
nth-(child|last-child|of-type|last-of-type)"(" {return NTH-FUNCTION;}
{ident}"(" {return FUNCTION;}
{string} {return STRING;}
{ident} {return IDENT;}
"."{ident} {return CLASS;}
"#"{name} {return HASH;}
"@import" {return IMPORT_SYM;}
"@page" {return PAGE_SYM;}
"@media" {return MEDIA_SYM;}
"@font-face" {return FONT_FACE_SYM;}
"@charset" {return CHARSET_SYM;}
"@namespace" {return NAMESPACE_SYM;}
"!"{w}"important" {return IMPORTANT_SYM;}
{int} {return INTEGER;}
{num}em {return EMS;}
{num}ex {return EXS;}
{num}px {return LENGTH;}
{num}cm {return LENGTH;}
{num}mm {return LENGTH;}
{num}in {return LENGTH;}
{num}pt {return LENGTH;}
{num}pc {return LENGTH;}
{num}deg {return ANGLE;}
{num}rad {return ANGLE;}
{num}grad {return ANGLE;}
{num}ms {return TIME;}
{num}s {return TIME;}
{num}Hz {return FREQ;}
{num}kHz {return FREQ;}
{num}{ident} {return DIMEN;}
{num}% {return PERCENTAGE;}
{num} {return NUMBER;}
"url("{w}{string}{w}")" {return URI;}
"url("{w}{url}{w}")" {return URI;}
U\+{range} {return UNICODERANGE;}
U\+{h}{1,6}-{h}{1,6} {return UNICODERANGE;}
. {return *yytext;}
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