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aec6996 Jun 13, 2016
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(in-package :css)
(defparameter +common-white-space-trimbag+
'(#\space #\newline #\return #\tab
#+sbcl #\no-break_space
#-sbcl #\u00A0 ;; this is #\no-break_space
(defun trim-whitespace (s)
(string-trim +common-white-space-trimbag+ s))
(defun trim-and-nullify (s)
"trims the whitespace from a string returning nil
if trimming produces an empty string or the string 'nil' "
(when s
(let ((s (trim-whitespace s)))
(cond ((zerop (length s)) nil)
((string-equal s "nil") nil)
(T s)))))
(defun replace-all (string part replacement &key (test #'char=) stream)
"Returns a new string in which all the occurences of the part
is replaced with replacement. [FROM]"
(let ((out (or stream (make-string-output-stream))))
(loop with part-length = (length part)
for old-pos = 0 then (+ pos part-length)
for pos = (search part string
:start2 old-pos
:test test)
do (write-string string out
:start old-pos
:end (or pos (length string)))
when pos do (write-string replacement out)
while pos)
(unless stream
(get-output-stream-string out))))
(defun dos-safe-read-line (stream &optional (eof-error-p t) eof-value recursive-p)
"readline that can read unix or dos lines"
(let ((line (read-line stream eof-error-p eof-value recursive-p)))
(if (stringp line)
(delete #\return line)
(defparameter +option+ "%option\\s")
(defparameter +option-case-insensitive+ "%option\\scase-insensitive")
(defparameter +end-of-defs+ "^%%")
(defparameter +return-value+ "\\s*{\\s*return\\s*([^;]*)\\s*;\\s*}\\s*")
(defun replace-expansions (defs new-regex)
(iter (for (k v) in-hashtable defs)
(setf new-regex
new-regex (format nil "{~A}" k) v )))
(defun handle-quoted-rules (production)
"quotes in flex productions should be direct string matches"
`(:sequence :START-ANCHOR
(with start = 0)
(with idx-start = start)
(with opening)
(while (<= start (length production)))
(when (< idx-start start) (setf idx-start start))
(for idx = (position #\" production :test #'char-equal :start idx-start))
(when (and idx (>= idx 1)
(char-equal #\\ (elt production (- idx 1))))
(setf idx-start (+ 1 idx))
((and idx (>= idx 0) opening)
(collect (subseq production opening idx ))
(setf start (+ 1 idx) opening nil))
((and idx (>= idx 0))
(let ((frag (subseq production start idx)))
(when (plusp (length frag))
(collect (cl-ppcre:parse-string frag))))
(setf opening (+ 1 idx)
start (+ 1 idx)))
(let ((frag (subseq production start)))
(when (plusp (length frag))
(collect (cl-ppcre:parse-string frag))))
(defun symbolize (s)
(symbol-munger:english->lisp-symbol s))
(defun keywordize (s)
(symbol-munger:english->keyword s))
(defun all-group-matches-as-string (regex target)
"Expects a single matching group"
(let (results)
(cl-ppcre:do-register-groups (grp) (regex target (reverse results))
(push grp results))))
(defun string-upcase? (s) (string= (string-upcase s) s))
(defun expand-return-value ( rtn )
(let ((rtn (first (all-group-matches-as-string +return-value+ rtn))))
((string-upcase? rtn) (keywordize rtn))
((string-equal rtn "*yytext") nil)
(defun read-flex-file (file &aux
(defs (make-hash-table :test 'equalp))
(iter (for line in-file file using #'dos-safe-read-line)
(setf line (trim-and-nullify line))
(unless line (next-iteration))
(for parts = (mapcar #'trim-whitespace
(cl-ppcre:split "\\t+" line :limit 2)))
(when (and (not ci?)
(not done-with-defs?)
(cl-ppcre:all-matches +option-case-insensitive+ line))
(setf ci? T)
(when (and (not done-with-defs?)
(cl-ppcre:all-matches +end-of-defs+ line))
(setf done-with-defs? T)
(done-with-defs? ;; new expansion
(destructuring-bind (regex return) parts
(setf regex (handle-quoted-rules
(replace-expansions defs regex)))
;; (handler-case (cl-ppcre:parse-string regex) (error () (error "Error creating production: ~A ~A" regex return)))
(collect (list (cl-ppcre:create-scanner regex :case-insensitive-mode ci?)
(expand-return-value return))
into productions))
(t ;;new def
(destructuring-bind (name regex) parts
(when (gethash name defs)
(error "~A already defined" name))
(setf (gethash name defs) (replace-expansions defs regex))
(handler-case (cl-ppcre:parse-string (gethash name defs))
(error () (error "Error creating def: ~A ~A" name (gethash name defs)))))
(finally (return (values productions ci? defs)))
(defparameter +css3-lex-productions+
:css-selectors #p"src/css3.lex")))
(defun make-css3-lexer (inp)
(let ((start 0) )
(multiple-value-bind (productions ci?) +css3-lex-productions+
(declare (ignore ci?))
(lambda ()
(while (< start (length inp)))
(for (regex rtn) in (copy-list productions))
(multiple-value-bind (match-start match-end)
(cl-ppcre:scan regex inp :start start)
(when match-start
(setf start match-end)
(let ((match (subseq inp match-start match-end)))
(if rtn
(return (values rtn match))
(return (values (keywordize match) nil)))))
(defun lex-results (&optional (inp "#foo, .foo #bar, .foo > bar[src~=blech]"))
(setf inp (trim-whitespace inp))
(iter (with lex = (make-css3-lexer inp))
(for i = (multiple-value-list (funcall lex)))
(while (first i))
(collect i into col) (count i into cnt)
(finally (return (values col cnt)))))
(defun but-quotes (s) (subseq s 1 (- (length s) 1)))
(defun til-open (s) (subseq s 0 (position #\( s)))
(defun but-last (s) (subseq s 0 (- (length s) 1)))
(defun but-first (s) (subseq s 1))
(defun is-special? (s)
(when (or (symbolp s) (stringp s))
(char-equal #\& (elt (string s) 0))))
(defun arg-list-var-names (args)
(iter (for i in args)
(unless (is-special? i)
(typecase i
(symbol (collect i))
(list (collect (car i)))))))
(defun uniquify-and-reintern (x &optional (package *package*))
(iter (for (sym . rest) on x)
(for count = (iter (for s in new)
(when (alexandria:starts-with-subseq
(symbol-name sym) (symbol-name s)
:test #'char-equal)
(count s))))
(if (or (find sym rest) (plusp count))
(collect (intern (format nil "~a-~d" sym count) package) into new)
(collect (intern (symbol-name sym) package) into new))
(finally (return new)))))
(defmacro lam (args &body body)
(let ((arg-names (arg-list-var-names args)))
`#'(lambda ,args (declare (ignorable ,@arg-names)) ,@body)))
(defun %rule (args body)
`(,@args (lam ,(uniquify-and-reintern args) ,@body)))
(defmacro rule (args &body body)
`(quote ,(%rule args body)))
(defun %rule-set (name rules)
(for (args &rest body) in rules)
(if (first-iteration-p) (collect name))
(collect (%rule args body))))
(defmacro rule-set (name &body rules)
`(quote ,(%rule-set name rules))))
(yacc:define-parser *css3-selector-parser*
(:start-symbol selector)
(:terminals (:|,| :|*| :|)| :|(| :|>| :|+| :|~| :|:| :|[| :|]| :|=| :|-|
(:precedence ((:left :|)| :s :|,| :|+| :|~| )
(:left :|,|)
(:left :|+| :|~| :|>|)
(:left :s)) )
;;(selector #.(rule (or-sel) or-sel))
#.(rule (comb-sel spaces :|,| spaces selector)
(list :or comb-sel selector))
#.(rule (comb-sel) comb-sel))
#.(rule (comb-sel combinator and-sel)
(list combinator comb-sel and-sel))
;; need to handle trailing spaces here
;; to avoid s/r
(and-sel) and-sel))
(:s (constantly :child))
(spaces :|>| spaces (constantly :immediate-child))
(spaces :|~| spaces (constantly :preceded-by))
(spaces :|+| spaces (constantly :immediatly-preceded-by)))
#.(rule (and-sel simple-selector)
(list :and and-sel simple-selector))
#.(rule (simple-selector) simple-selector))
#.(rule (:HASH) `(:hash ,(but-first hash)))
#.(rule (:CLASS) `(:class ,(but-first class)))
#.(rule (:IDENT) `(:element ,ident))
(:|*| (constantly :everything))
(attrib #'identity)
(pseudo #'identity))
#.(rule (:|[| spaces :IDENT spaces :|]|)
`(:attribute ,ident))
#.(rule (:|[| spaces :IDENT spaces attrib-value-def spaces :|]|)
`(:attribute ,ident ,attrib-value-def))
#.(rule (attrib-match-type attrib-value)
(list attrib-match-type attrib-value)))
#.(rule (:|=|) :equals)
#.(rule (:includes) :includes)
#.(rule (:dashmatch) :dashmatch)
#.(rule (:begins-with) :begins-with)
#.(rule (:ends-with) :ends-with)
#.(rule (:substring) :substring))
#.(rule (:ident) ident)
#.(rule (:string) (but-quotes string))
#.(rule (:integer) integer))
#.(rule (:|:| :IDENT) (list :pseudo ident))
#.(rule (:|:| :FUNCTION selector :|)|)
(list :pseudo (til-open function) selector))
#.(rule (:|:| :NTH-FUNCTION nth-expr :|)| )
`(:nth-pseudo ,(til-open nth-function)
#.(rule (:ident)
(cond ((string-equal ident "even") (list 2 0))
((string-equal ident "odd") (list 2 1))
(T (error "invalid nth subexpression"))))
#.(rule (nth-sign :integer)
(list 0 (if (string-equal nth-sign "-")
(* -1 (parse-integer integer))
(parse-integer integer))))
#.(rule (nth-sign :integer :ident)
(let (extra-num)
((string-equal "n" ident) T)
;; this is because our lexer will recogince n-1 as a valid ident
;; but n+1 will hit the rule below
((alexandria:starts-with-subseq "n" ident)
(setf extra-num (parse-integer (subseq ident 1))))
(T (error "invalid nth subexpression in (what is ~A)" ident)))
(list (or (if (string-equal nth-sign "-")
(* -1 (parse-integer integer))
(parse-integer integer))
(or extra-num 0))))
#.(rule (nth-sign :integer :ident nth-sign :integer)
(when (and integer-1 (null nth-sign-1))
(error "invalid nth subexpression 2n+1 style requires a sign before the second number"))
(list (or (if (string-equal nth-sign-0 "-")
(* -1 (parse-integer integer-0))
(parse-integer integer-0))
(or (if (string-equal nth-sign-1 "-")
(* -1 (parse-integer integer-1))
(parse-integer integer-1))
#.(rule (:|+|) :|+|)
#.(rule (:|-|) :|-|)
#.(rule () ()))
(:S )
( )))
(defun parse-results (&optional (inp "#foo, .foo #bar .bast, .foo > bar[src~=blech], .foo:hover"))
"Mostly used for debugging purposes
Takes a string CSS selector and turns it into an AST"
(setf inp (trim-whitespace inp))
(yacc:parse-with-lexer (make-css3-lexer inp) *css3-selector-parser*))