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;; -*- lisp -*-
(in-package :talcl)
;;;; * Compiling TAL from .tal files
(defvar *log* nil "A log-fn that accepts a string and writes it to the log")
(defun tal-log (message &rest args)
(when *log*
(funcall *log* (apply #'format nil message args))))
(defclass tal-generator ()
((log-fn :accessor log-fn :initarg :log-fn :initform nil
:documentation "A log-fn that accepts a string and writes it to the log")))
(defgeneric load-tal (generator name))
(defgeneric template-truename (generator name))
(defclass file-system-generator (tal-generator)
((root-directories :initarg :root-directories :type list
:accessor root-directories))
(:documentation "When given a list of root directories it will
search for templates in those directories."))
(defclass caching-file-system-generator (file-system-generator)
((cache :accessor cache :initform (make-hash-table :test 'equal)))
(:documentation "Similar to a file-system-generator it generates out
of some root directories, however it keeps a cache of the compiled
lisp functions. The function you get back from it checks the file's
date-modified and automatically recompiles at need."))
(defparameter *tal-templates* (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(defmethod template-truename ((generator file-system-generator) name
&aux (*log* (log-fn generator)))
(tal-log "finding truename of template: ~s ~s" generator name)
name (root-directories generator)))
(defmethod load-tal ((generator file-system-generator) (name string)
&aux (*log* (log-fn generator)))
(tal-log "Loading tal template: ~s ~s" generator name)
(load-tal generator (pathname name)))
(defmethod load-tal ((generator file-system-generator) (name pathname)
&aux (*log* (log-fn generator)))
(let ((file-name (template-truename generator name)))
(tal-log "Loading with truename of template: ~s ~s" generator file-name)
(assert file-name (name)
"No template named ~S found with generator ~a."
name generator)
(let ((*tal-generator* generator))
(tal-log "About to compile: ~s ~s" generator file-name)
(compile-tal-file file-name))))
(defstruct (tal-template (:conc-name tal-template.))
(defun %get-tal-template-fn (file-name generator
&aux (*log* (log-fn generator)))
(let ((template (make-tal-template :last-load-time (file-write-date file-name)
:function (let ((*tal-generator* generator)
(*log* (log-fn generator)))
(compile-tal-file file-name))
:file-name file-name)))
(lambda (environment
&aux (*log* (log-fn generator)))
(let* ((file-name (tal-template.file-name template))
(file-write-date (file-write-date file-name)))
(tal-log "Tal template: ~s ~s" file-name file-write-date)
(when (< (tal-template.last-load-time template) file-write-date)
(let ((fun (let ((*tal-generator* generator))
(tal-log "Tal Recompiling: ~s ~s ~s"
file-name file-write-date (tal-template.last-load-time template))
(compile-tal-file file-name))))
(tal-log "Tal Got new FN for: ~s ~s ~s"
file-name file-write-date fun)
(setf (tal-template.function template) fun
(tal-template.last-load-time template) file-write-date)))
(tal-log "Tal Executing Tal-Template: ~s ~s ~s"
file-name template environment)
(prog1 (funcall (tal-template.function template) environment)
(tal-log "Tal Finished executing template:~S" file-name))))))
(defmethod load-tal ((generator caching-file-system-generator)
&aux (*log* (log-fn generator)))
(when (null name) (error "Can't load-tal for empty(NIL) name."))
(tal-log "Tal Loading cached ~S ~S" name generator)
(let* ((hash-val (gethash name (cache generator)))
(cond (hash-val
(tal-log "Tal Found cached copy ~S ~S" name hash-val)
((and (pathnamep name) (probe-file name))
(tal-log "Tal uncached template exists so compile it ~S" name)
(%get-tal-template-fn name generator))
((setf true-name (template-truename generator name))
"Tal found true-name for template, so load that ~S" true-name)
(load-tal generator true-name))
(T (error "Can't find template named ~s for generator ~a."
name generator))
(prog1 template
(unless (eql hash-val template)
(setf (gethash name (cache generator)) template)))))
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