Apyfal is a powerful and flexible toolkit to operate FPGA accelerated functions
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Apyfal is a powerful and flexible toolkit to operate FPGA 1 accelerated function .

Some reasons to use Apyfal :

  • Apyfal provides an abstraction layer to use the power of FPGA accelerated function in a hybrid multi-cloud environment.
  • The configuration and the provisioning is generated for the FPGA cloud context.
  • Apyfal can perform acceleration directly on cloud storage files.
  • Don't like Python ? Use the REST API and generate a client in any language.

All the accelerated functions

Apyfal provides a variety of accelerated functions.

Browse our web site AccelStore, to discover them.

Basic Python code example

Accelerator API is easy to use and only need few lines of codes for instantiate accelerator and its host and then process files:

import apyfal

# Choose and initialize an accelerator
with apyfal.Accelerator(accelerator='my_accelerator') as myaccel:

    # Start and configure accelerator

    # Process data using FPGA accelerated function
    myaccel.process(src='/path/myfile1.dat',  dst='/path/result1.dat')
    myaccel.process(src='/path/myfile2.dat',  dst='/path/result2.dat')


For more information on Apyfal, please read the documentation.


Installation is made with PIP. Some installation options are available depending the host to use (See documentation for more information).

The full package can be installed using:

pip install apyfal[all]

Support and enhancement requests

Contact us for any support or enhancement request.


1: FPGA is a programmable chip that can be used as function specialized high performance accelerator.