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#Make sure gcc is installed
conda --version
pip --version
# Cleanup old env (if any)
conda env remove --name ampligraph || true
# Create & activate Virtual Environment
conda create --name ampligraph python=3.6
source activate ampligraph
# Install library
if [[ $# -eq 0 ]] ; then
echo "install tensorflow CPU mode"
pip install tensorflow==1.12.0
if [[ $1 == "gpu" ]] ; then
echo "install tensorflow GPU mode"
conda install tensorflow-gpu==1.12.0
pip install . -v
# configure dataset location
export AMPLIGRAPH_DATA_HOME=/var/datasets
# run unit tests
pytest tests
# build documentation
cd docs
make clean autogen html
# cleanup: remove conda env
source deactivate
conda env remove --name ampligraph
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