ULAPPH Cloud Desktop is an online cloud desktop written in Golang!
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ULAPPH Cloud Desktop - Your web-based cloud desktop!

ULAPPH Window Manager gives you a feel of a desktop...

ULAPPH Desktop Demo

ULAPPH Window Manager is also available in mobile browser...

ULAPPH Desktop in Mobile

ULAPPH Chatbot will be your companion and helper...

ULAPPH Desktop Chatbot

Use Google Cloud Shell to install to Google Cloud...

ULAPPH Installation Demo

Automatic Text to Slides Formatting (you type in text editor and it creates the slides)

Slides Editor and Viewer

Automatic Text to Article Formatting (you type in text editor and it creates the article)

Text to Article Converter

Automatic Text to TurnJS Formatting (you type in text editor and it creates the TurnJS)

Text to Turnjs Converter

Integrate an Artificial Intelligence Bot (using Built-in NLP)

Machine Learning - Built-in NLP

Organize your stuff into different desktops and push a button to search the latest about the topic

Organized Desktops with Topic Search

Dump your photos to ULAPPH and turn your desktop into a random wallpaper/album

Random Wallpapers & Album

Automatically Generate TimelineJS of all your contents given time/date range

Autogenerated TimelineJS

And if your techie, create an app to monitor your house using ULAPPH!

Multisensor Home Monitor

And if you are adventurous, learn Golang by modifying the main.go single code of ULAPPH Cloud Desktop!

Powered by Golang


ULAPPH Homepage


ULAPPH Cloud Desktop is an online cloud desktop written in Golang!

ULAPPH Cloud Desktop is a cloud desktop that runs in a browser such as Chrome, Opera and Firefox! It contains Javascript windowing system which displays contents in multiple Windows.

  • The cloud desktop can be configured to contain unlimited desktops so you can organize your work, your personal, business and any information.
  • It automatically generates contents into slides, articles, and media which are automatically saved in the Google cloud.
  • It can be used by programmers to develop Javascript applications using native JS or Otto JS interpreter or execute Golang codes by modifying main.go
  • It saves data in the cloud which means your cloud desktop is available anytime, anywhere and any device.
  • It works in laptops, desktops, Android/IOS devices as long as they have Chrome, Opera or Firefox browsers -- no installation required except the X-Frame-Ignore extension and Cross Origin extension.
  • When installed in Google Cloud's AppEngine, you will have your own instance of the cloud desktop that only you can access data and will be linked on your own cloud account.
  • In a nutshell, you will have an online cloud desktop that you can use as a cloud server, a website or as a cloud desktop that you can program and develop applications.

Use Cases (Developers)

  • Run a low-cost cloud desktop server which serves a web server and an online web desktop (webtop)
  • Develop Golang applications using Golang (see main.go)
  • Develop progressive web apps (see /static/pwa/)
  • Develop Javascript/HTML/CSS static pages (see /static folder)
  • Run Javascript using Otto which allows you to execute JS inside Golang
  • Serve REST API endpoints (i.e., IOT application or REST APIs)
  • Run cron jobs, scrape webpages, real-time notifications, etc
  • Learn how Golang can be used as backend and also serve front-end UIs
  • Can be used as a fast private or public web server
  • Uses Google Cloud Shell for development (no need to install local IDEs or tools)
  • Organize training courses using Angular JS UI Tree, Mindmaps, etc
  • Utilize the built-in artificial intelligence with NLP

Use Cases (General)

  • Organize your slides, articles, media, links into categorized desktops
  • Use built-in productivity applications (see Start Menu)
  • Use entertainment tools such as Youtube, music, video, and midi players
  • Use your photos as random desktop wallpapers
  • Use messaging tools such as SMS, Guestbook, chat with firebase
  • Publish blogs or articles/slides either private or public
  • Minimize tabs by opening them in small windows
  • Make yourself organized and more productive!
  • Use the AI chatbot to accomplish your tasks



Source Codes (this repo)


How to Install via Google Appengine and Google Cloud Shell?


How to Install via other cloud providers or servers?

Not possible yet. Only works inside Google Appengine only.


  • Edwin D. Vinas (Golang/JS/HTML/CSS)
  • Christine T. Cunanan (UI/Testing/ContentManagement)
  • Rammel D. Vinas (CorelDraw/Photoshop/Graphics)
  • And all the developers of free libraries integrated with ULAPPH...