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Am I Being Tracked?

Am I Being Tracked is a web tool that looks for tracking values in HTTP headers injected by mobile carriers to track their users and the sites they visit.

The tool will tell the user their current carrier and whether the user is being tracked by this particular method.

Version: 1.0


on your webserver run:


git clone
curl -sS | php
sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
cd AmIBeingTracked
composer install


cd AmIBeingTracked/services
mysql -p
mysql> CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `amibeingtracked` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
mysql> CREATE USER 'amibeingtracked'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '$password';
mysql> GRANT ALL ON `amibeingtracked`.* TO 'amibeingtracked'@'localhost';
mysql> \q
mysql -p < amibeingtracked.sql


cd AmIBeingTracked/services
cp config.yml.sample config.yml
editor config.yml
  #provide all needed information such the name of database that you just created and the db user...

Development & test environment

Make sure to set the application to run in a developement environment by editing the services/config.yml, and setting the environment to dev, devel or test.

Also configure the application to always run on a test database by editing the services/config.yml file and setting the name of your test database after your create it on mysql (see database)

Test environment comes with handy options that you can set from the url:


Currently the tool is meant to be used as a website with the following workflow:

  1. The file test contains all the necessary pieces of the tool to work.
  2. It starts by looking up the Internet Service Provider of the user via a GeoIP service.
  3. Then it looks within the headers of the HTTP request for a known tracking header value.
  4. The final result is determined by the above lookups
  5. The result are then saved into log files and a database
  6. Depending of those results, the user is directed to an appropriate result page

Potential results include:

Result on Database Code Target page Log File
being tracked (new carrier) 2 tracked.php tracked.log
being tracked 1 tracked.php tracked.log
not being tracked 0 not-tracked.php not_tracked.log
not being tracked (new carrier) -1 not-tracked.php not_tracked.log
no 4G or 3G were used -2 no-lte.php others.log


Lookup services

The tool uses MaxMind GeoIP insight service, this serice can be replaced by your favorite lookup provider or a database. To do so, you can change the value of the geoprovider type on the config file.

Result pages

The result pages are mainly HTML, and content can be added, removed at will.


The tool comes with some assets, feel free to use/edit/share them.


Am I Being Tracked is a web tool that looks for tracking values in HTTP headers injected by mobile carriers to track their users and the sites they visit.







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