Interactive Steam Punk inspired Musical Instrument
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Steam Punk Organ

This code is part of an instrument which is made from:-
  Reclaimed Wood
  An Open Hardware Arduino microcontroller
  A reused Computer with a Free Software operating system
  Creative Commons sound samples from FreeSound
  Python and Arduino Free Sofware programing languages
  Pygame, python-firmata and firmata libraries
  This code
This code can be got from

  Arduino loaded with the example sketch 'Firmata -> OldStandardFirmata' on /dev/ttyUSB0
  Hardware specs and wiring diagram to come

The sounds are all from the freesound project and are licensed under Creative Commons CA so we can use them

Downloaded on March 14th, 2012
     S: steam_burst.wav by pengo_au --
     S: steam.wav by Nummer39 --
     P: Pipe Hiss by DJ Chronos --
     S: steam-whistle 04.wav by klankbeeld --
     P: SteamPipe Multisample 3 GhostBlow by Jovica --
     S: ORGAN-BRASS END IN G 001.wav by sandyrb --
     S: BRASS END IN A 001.wav by sandyrb --
     S: Accordion C major chord.wav by juskiddink --