Connecting Brackets and Node.js
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Brackets-Node.js (Node.js bindings)

... is an extension for Brackets to run Node.js or NPM files directly from Brackets.

Extension in work


Use the new added menu Node.js.

  • Run runs the current opened file using node, e.g. node /home/User/nodejs/server.js
  • Run as npm ... will execute the command inside the directory of the current opened file, e.g. cd /home/User/nodejs && npm start
  • Run as node debug will execute the file with the --debug-brk flags to enable remote debuggin

When node process should be stopped we send a SIGTERM to "kill" them.


Use the extension manager (File > Extension Manager) and search for node.js. There you can install Node.js bindings.

From GitHub (newest version): File > Extension Manager > Install from URL > > Install

And boom.