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* AjaxML v1.0
* Copyright 2012, Accorpa, LLC
* Licensed under GPL Version 3 License
* download:

Declarative Ajax Toolkit:
    AjaxML is a set of functions that allow you to declare Ajax behaviour in your web pages with as little coding as possible. In fact, if you have no special needs beyond basic XHR use, you need no code at all.
    The idea is simple. A set of attributes added to your web page elements specify what you need to be done. The javascript code is automatically injected once you include "ajaxml.js" in the page.

    AjaxML can be seen as a small addition to HTML. Although currently reported as invalid in strict XHTML, no exceptions will be raised.

    The first implementation uses (and thus requires) jQuery for cross-browser compatibility. Support for other libraries is being considered.

    The first implementation handles HTML data. It does not automatically handle JSON, XML, or XSL transformations on returned data. These are being developed and tested and will be released shortly.

    Special handling for Ajax-enabled widgets is also being developed. The first widgets to be supported will be jQuery UI components. More will be coming shortly.
    * jQuery 1.7.2 -
    * Hashchange 1.3 -
    * Ajax Loading Animations -

Basic Usage:
    1) Put this line in <head>: 
        <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
    2) Followed by this line in <head>: 
        <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.hashchange.js"></script>
    3) Followed by this line in <head>: 
        <script type="text/javascript" src="ajaxml.js"></script>
    4) For any hyperlink to be ajaxified add attribute into: 
        <a href="/example.html" into="some_target">Ajaxify This</a>
    5) Put the id of the reciever the same as the value of into: 
        <div id="some_target">Response will be placed here</div>

Full Documentation and Live Demo:
    For full documentation and live demonstration, please visit