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Extension to change the new tab page in newer versions of Opera.
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Opera New Tab Page

Extension to change the new tab page in newer versions of Opera.

Based on the now unavailable Custom New Tab Page extension by Sanish Mistry, this uses a workaround to change the new tab page of latest versions of Opera. Although functional, Custom New Tab Page removed focus from the omnibox when the new tab was opened, something I found made it impossible for me to use. By updating the tab rather replacing it, this extension retains focus.

As the Opera developers seem to continually remove the ability to do things like this, there is no guarentee the same method will work in versions other than specified.


Tested on Opera for Windows, 64-bit, version 58.0.3135.65.

Download opera-new-tab-page.nex or from releases, drag and drop file onto the Opera extensions window. Alternatively you can clone this repository, and select src/ using Opera's "Load unpacked extension..." button in the extension developer mode.

Version History

  • v1.0.0 - Initial Release

Credit and License

Licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. Credit goes to Sanish Mistry for his code in which this was inspired by and borrows from. I unfortunately cannot find any contact details or website for them.

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