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Accumulate is a novel blockchain network designed to be hugely scalable while maintaining security.

Repository organization


  • cmd/accumulated initializes and runs node daemons.
  • cmd/accumulated-bootstrap runs a libp2p bootstrap node.
  • cmd/accumulated-faucet runs a token faucet.
  • cmd/accumulated-http runs an HTTP API node.


  • pkg/api/v3 contains specifications for API v3 and transport implementations.
  • pkg/build provides utilities for building and signing transactions.
  • pkg/client/api/v2 is a JSON-RPC client for API v2.
  • pkg/errors defines Accumulate's status and error codes and a serializable error implementation.
  • pkg/types contains the protocol's data types.
  • pkg/url implements custom types for Accumulate URLs and transaction/message IDs.
  • protocol contains additional protocol data types and will eventually be migrated to pkg/types.


Experimental packages should be used with caution and may change without notice.

  • exp/light is a light client prototype.
  • vdk is a validator development kit prototype.


Internal packages should not be used outside of this repository.

  • internal/api contains API service implementations.
  • internal/bsn is the block summary network (prototype).
  • internal/core is the core executor system.
  • internal/database is the core data model.
  • internal/node is plumbing for the node daemon.


Testing packages are primarily intended for testing this repository. A few are stable enough to be used externally.

  • test/harness is a harness for building Go tests against an Accumulate network. The harness can be used to test a simulated network or a real network and exposes the same interface for both. The network must support API v3.
  • test/simulator is an Accumulate network simulator, capable of running multiple partitions with multiple nodes each with a basic consensus mechanism. The simulator must be stepped manually or via a timer.
  • test/testing is deprecated and should not be used by new tests.

The other packages are either nothing but tests or not intended for external use and not guaranteed to be stable.


These tools were not designed to be used externally and may change without notice. Use at your own risk.

  • tools/cmd/debug is a collection of debugging utilities.
  • tools/cmd/explore is an experimental database explorer.
  • tools/cmd/factom converts Factom database dumps to snapshots for genesis.
  • tools/cmd/gen-api generates JSON-RPC API implementations.
  • tools/cmd/gen-enum generates enumeration types.
  • tools/cmd/gen-model generates data models.
  • tools/cmd/gen-sdk generates JSON-RPC API clients.
  • tools/cmd/gen-types generates serializable data types.
  • tools/cmd/genesis is a collection of utilities for building snapshots for genesis.
  • tools/cmd/golangci-lint is a fork of golangci-lint that includes custom linters.
  • tools/cmd/repair-indices rebuilds database indices for a core node.
  • tools/cmd/resend-anchor scans the network and resends anchor transactions and signatures.
  • tools/cmd/sendinterrupt does the equivalent to sending Ctrl-C to a Windows console window.
  • tools/cmd/simulator simulates an Accumulate network.
  • tools/cmd/snapshot is a collection of utilities for database snapshots.


MIRROR ONLY ✻ Accumulate shifts the paradigm for how blockchains manage data, tokens, and users




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