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Prizm Viewer for Wordpress

Wordpress plugin for Prizm Viewer. Prizm Viewer is a document viewer that enables you to display hundreds of different kinds of files on your website without worrying about whether your visitors have the software to view them and without installing any additional hardware or software. The document files stay on your server, so you can update, edit and change them anytime. Prizm Viewer supports more than 300 file types, including DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS and CAD.

You will need a free Prizm Cloud account to use this Prizm Viewer plugin. Prizm Cloud Sign Up

View a demo

Manual Installation Instructions

  1. Download github zip file and unzip
  2. Log into Wordpress Admin
  3. Click on Plugins menu, click Add New
  4. Click Upload (right under title next to 'Search' and 'Featured')
  5. Choose (present in the unzipped folder) and click Install Now
  6. Click on Installed Plugins
  7. Click Activate under the Prizm Cloud Embedded Document Viewer

Configuring Plugin - Adding Key - Required Step

  1. Click on Settings then Prizm Cloud within navigation
  2. Add your Prizm Cloud Key
  3. Click Save Changes

Adding Document Viewer to a Page or Post

  1. Click on Pages or Posts in navigation
  2. Open an existing page/post or create a new one *
  3. Within the content editor, click on the Prizm Cloud Button
  4. Fill in Fields and insert
  5. Save page

*hint: within the content editor, put your cursor where you want the document viewer to appear on the page before clicking the Prizm Cloud Button

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