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CSC2002S - Assignment 1 (2014)
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Assignment 1 - Parallelizing Satellite Data Correlation

Author: Jethro Muller

Student Number: MLLJET001

Date: 30 July 2014


The project aimed to investigate the practical application of parallelism using the Java ForkJoinPool framework, and the speedups seen in the real world on different processors.

The data is meant to simulate working with radar signal data, with the received.txt files containing "noise" data.


Running the code:

  1. Make sure to have all the .java files in the same folder as the makefile.
  2. Change to the source folder. src/
  3. Run make to compile the java files.
  4. Run make run-* where * is either seq, parallel or full-test-suite.
  5. Run make clean to remove .class files from the directory.

Reading the report:

  1. Go into the Report/ directory.
  2. Open Report.html in a web browser.

File List:

  • CSC2002S_Assignment1.pdf
  • README.txt
  • Report/
  • src/
  • src/
  • src/
  • src/
  • src/makefile
  • src/text_files/small/
  • src/text_files/medium/
  • src/text_files/large/
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