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Acheron Aχξρων 40-SM-O-MX-TH-WI (Codename "SharkPCB") main branch

This master branch is for the PCB files only. For plates, cases and artworks files, please check the Shark hardware repository.


The SharkPCB was conceived as an alternative 40% ortho keyboard that could be easily built and sold in difficult-to-reach markets like Brazil.

When I was some years into the Mechanical Keyboard hobby, I wanted to try a 40% ortho layout. Unfortunately none were available in the Brazilian market; the Planck was (and still is) pretty much the only option in the market when it comes to that layout, and it was only available in the US market and EU through Massdrop.

Due to the proxy prices, PayPal fees and importing taxes, I would not be able to get a Planck since I simply did not have the money. So I set myself to design a keyboard that I could easily build and customize. My idea was to use a Blue Pill breakout board, using simple THT components for diodes and resistors.

In the next weeks, Steve from WoodCables came along and funded the project. We made a little revision of the design plan as a default SMD-component based PCB was needed to compete on the market. And thus Shark was born.

The name comes from a dear friend of mine, Gustavo, who at the time did not have a nickname. I suggested the nickname “Shark” because he used a shark image for his avatar; after much thinking, he decided to adopt the Undecided Shark alias, from whence the Shark PCB was named.


  • Steve from WoodCables, who funded de project and made it grow bigger than I had never imagined;

  • Alan Pocklington, also known as u/ajp10304, who built a prototype himself and offered to test the preliminary software to hasten the GB and gave immense feedback on documentation and component positioning. See this page for the SharkPCB documentation.

Supported layouts

Click this link for the KLE file for the Arctic.

Shark layouts


Click at the images to zoom in.

Renders generated by the site.

SharkPCB Top Render

SharkPCB Bottom Render

Copyright notice

This project is licensed under the Acheron Open-Source Hardware License V1.1 . For the license, please check the file.