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Badge-It Gadget Lite

Badge-It Gadget Lite v0.5.0 - Simple scripted system to award and issue badges into Mozilla Open Badges Infrastructure

Copyright (c) 2012 Kerri Lemoie, Codery -

Licensed under the MIT license:


This is a very simple implementation of awarding and issuing badges. It uses Mozilla's issuer api javascript. Because it writes records to a text file, it really is not meant to be used for issuing many badges on a heavy production site. But because it is so simple, it requires very little set-up. Almost a plug and play. This is a starting point and can easily be modified and scaled. Have fun with badges!! Say hello and let us know if you're using it at



These scripts have been tested on a CentOS server running Apache 2.0 and PHP 5.3.2. Version PHP 5 and up should work fine.


There are three sub-directories of badge-it-gadget-lite: css, digital-badges and process-badges


style.css - Some styles to get started


badge-it-gadget-lite-badge-criteria.html - This is an example of a criteria url. Make it your own.

get-my-badge.php - This php script/ html page used to retrieve/issue a badge.

images/ - This is the directory where you can save your pre-made badges. Remember they need to be PNG files. We made one for you to start. Don't have any badge images yet? Check this site out:

issued/json/ - This is the directory where the badge json files will be stored

record-issued-badges.php - This script is called by the OpenBadges.issue callback in get-my-badge.php to record issued badges in badge_records.txt


.htaccess - You want to password protect this directory If you don't, anyone can award badges in your site's name. This file is included as a reminder.

badge_records.txt - Empty text file to which will be written badges that have been awarded and badges that have been issued to the OBI. This is helpful when tracking who got badges and who issued them to their backpacks.

gadget-settings.php - This is where you put in your site and badges settings. Information is provided for each setting.

gadget.php - The script that creates the JSON file, writes to the badge_records.txt file. It's the processing script that awards the badges.

index.php: The badger form to award the badge to your earner. Award a badge one by one. When you submit the form, the request is processed by gadget.php which will return a link for your earner to retrieve the badge.


  1. Place the badge-it-gadget-lite directory in a public directory on your web host. Ex:
  2. In make your settings changes and add your badges.
  3. Set permissions for process-badges/badge_records.txt and the digital-badges/issued/json directory to rwxrwxrwx (chmod 777).
  4. You may need to update your existing .htaccess file in the public root directory of your host (where your index file is) because your host's apache settings may not recognize .json files (your badge assertions). You'll know this to be the case if the issuer api returns a content type error when you issue a badge. In the existing .htaccess file, or create a new one if you don't have one, and add this line:
    AddType application/json .json
  5. In a browser window navigate to

  6. Give yourself a badge!! (Really - there's a badge in there for you.)

Other Notes

Open Badges 1.0 launched 3/13/2013!! This version of the gadget uses the assertion structure for the beta backpack. It will work with Open Badges 1.0 and hope to update it soon.

Badge-It Gadget Lite is entirely reliant on javascript for badges to be issued.

If you download from github as a zip or tar file, it will name the directory as "Codery-badge-it-gadget-lite". Be sure to rename to badge-it-gadget-lite.

Your feedback and questions are welcomed and needed to make this better. Drop an email to or submit to the repo issues.

The next version of Badge-It Gadget will be hardier using a db with forms for badge settings and history of badges awarded and issued. ETA TBD.

In Action

Experiential Learning Studio @ Rhode Island College

Badge Bingo


Codery Open Music Mixtape Badge

The Learning Network Asia