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Raspberry Pi® - Powerunit®
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Raspberry Pi® - Powerunit®

Note: Remember to install the code before connecting the Powerunit® to the Raspberry Pi®.


Login via SSH or via the console and run the following command and Powerunit® will be installed:

curl -sSL | sudo bash

Powerunit® Project - Initiation & Planning

  • Project research

Powerunit® Project - Prototyping

  • Basic circuit on a breadboard
  • Circuits and Prototyping

Powerunit® Project - Software

  • Writing the software
  • Testing the software
  • Optimizing the software

Powerunit® Project - PCB Design

  • Design the Scheme in KiCad
  • Design the PCB in KiCad
  • Place PCB Order

Powerunit® Project - Prototyping PCB

  • Test Powerunit® PCB
  • ...
  • ...
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