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asplib (Achim's Signal Processing LIBrary) is a C/C++ library for digital signal processing
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asplib (Achim's Signal Processing LIBrary)

Is a small and lightweight C++ library for digital signal processing.

Projects using asplib


  • all needed functions for BiQuad-Filter calculation
  • constant Q peaking filter coefficient calculation
  • Easy and well designed API

Planned Features

  • LibXConvolver (FIR-Filters, fast non-uniform/uniform convolution) integration
  • More IIR-Filter design functions (Low-, High-, Band-, Notch-, Allpass filters)
  • Benchmark framework
  • logging functions
  • dynamic library and static library builds
  • REW (Room Equalizer Wizard) filter file import
  • Digital Delay Lines
  • Dynamic Processors (AGC, Compressor, Limiter, Expander and Noise-Gate)
  • Peak Level estimation
  • Native (C++-Classes), SSE2, SSE3 and AVX-optimizations
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