Video and text messaging SDK for iOS.
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Easily Add Video and Messaging to Your Current and Future Apps

The Aclipsa Video & Messaging platform allows you to easily add video and text messaging and video content distribution to any iOS or Android app. Your users will be able to upload and watch videos as well as create and send messages to each other quickly and securely.

Core Services

Secure Mobile Video Content Delivery

Securely send a video file from a mobile device or via a web interface to Aclipsa’s servers, where it is encrypted and transcoded, preparing it for secure streaming. Then stream those videos to mobile devices and websites.

Its playback is strictly controlled and and tracked. With mobile viewing, local screenshots and recording are prohibited when technologically possible, or reported back to the system when not. This streaming, encrypted distribution system ensures that video content isn’t stored or shared.

##Secure Mobile Video and Text Messaging

Along with the services provided as part of video content delivery, messaging allows videos and additional text information to be sent from one user to others.

Messages can be replied to, creating conversations between two or more users, and the sender can see which recipients have viewed the message (and which have taken screenshots). The sender can also revoke access from its recipients at any time. The message videos can be encrypted for extra security, or they may simply be sent securely.

SDK Features

The iOS and Android SDKs are easily integrated into new and existing apps, and provide a great deal of functionality with minimal effort. With just a few simple calls you can allow your app’s users to:

  • Message Sending:

    • Send text and video messages.

    • Create and modify a message.

    • Set the sender and recipients, the title and description, attach a video, and modify message status information.

    • Group messages into conversations.

  • Message Receiving:

    • Request a list of messages available for a specific user

    • Read and display message details: the sender and recipients, title and text, creation date, and message status information.

    • Stream a message's video.

    • Reply to messages. Sender can forward messages.

  • Video Content Distribution

    • Upload video content.

    • Set and modify permissions

    • Track who has watched how much of each video.


All network communications throughout the system are protected by 128-bit AES SSL, and all data is protected with 256-bit AES encryption. Encrypted videos are streamed with Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol, as used for secure movie streaming by film studios, with optional 256-bit AES data encryption for additional security. HLS ensures that videos can be successfully played in a variety of network conditions (whether over a high-speed Wi-Fi connection or a poor-quality 3G cellular signal), and that only small, encrypted portions of a video are on the mobile device at any given time, ensuring that the video file is never actually present on the mobile device. Video and data are always stored on all servers in the system using 256-bit AES encryption.


Clone this repository and simply import the framework into your project.

You can also add it using CocoaPods, a dependency manager for Cocoa and CocoaTouch projects. Simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'AclipsaSDK'

Learn More

Learn more and get an API key at

Also available via CocoaPods: