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  1. alfresco-simple-content-stores alfresco-simple-content-stores Public

    Addon to provide a set of common content store implementations and easy-to-use configuration (no Spring config)

    Java 41 17

  2. alfresco-keycloak alfresco-keycloak Public

    Alfresco addon to provide Keycloak-related extensions / customisations for Repository and Share

    Java 35 17

  3. alfresco-utility alfresco-utility Public

    Project to consolidate abstract utility features and enhancements / safe fixes that may be used by multiple Alfresco addons

    JavaScript 12 11

  4. alfresco-audit alfresco-audit Public

    Addon to add audit-related utilities and/or common definitions

    Java 11 9

  5. alfresco-mt-support alfresco-mt-support Public

    Adding missing multi-tenancy support for various subsystems and features

    Java 9 2

  6. alfresco-python-client alfresco-python-client Public

    WIP / prototyping project for a Python 3.x client using Alfresco Public Rest API

    Python 6 4


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