Chrome extension that replaces your Facebook and Twitter feed with r/the_donald posts
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member the elections?

For anyone suffering from election withdrawl

Replaces the posts on Facebook and Twitter with posts from r/the_donald ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Created for TerribleHack V

Facebook examples

Twitter examples

Technical notes

For content_scripts, there is a function called getArticleForIndex that returns an article object with properties text, image, and link.

Thus, to add additional websites:

  1. In manifest.json, add a new content_scripts line with a new Javascript file corresponding to the website you are adding. You must have js/jquery.js, js/content_shared.js, js/NEW_WEBSITE.js, js/main.js, in that order.
  2. In NEW_WEBSITE.js, implement a function update that updates the contents of the website using the article returned from getArticleForIndex(index).